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I'm Priya Doty

I’m a South Asian, an Indian-American, mom, wife, marketing exec, writer, and soon to be first time author. Based in Brooklyn, New York, I’m the mother of a young daughter and wife of a wonderful husband. I’m a marketing exec with a passion for the discipline of product marketing and marketing excellence. I’m also a techie, who went to MIT for grad school, had a memorable project investigating how to digitize land records in northern India for MIT Media Lab, and follow all things enterprise technology, especially Security, Cloud, and DevOps.

Five years ago, I began writing in earnest, and have recently completed my first fiction novel, Finding Warrior Pose. A few experiences stick in my mind as being formative to writing a novel. While I was an exec in the advertising industry, I learned the importance of emotion and how it can dictate what sticks, and what sells. I was also fortunate to be a part of an Oscar winning live-action short film, God of Love, directed by Luke Matheny. Luke’s example showed me the power of having a clearly defined creative voice, so I thank him for showing me a path forward! I write about a lot of things, including travel (I’ve been to over 30 countries, lived in Saudi Arabia and India), yoga and more.
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