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Here's what others are saying about Finding Warrior Pose

“In her debut novel, Priya Doty has produced a fun, hugely compelling novel about self-discovery and solving a centuries-old mystery at a yoga retreat in India.  Part beach read, mostly thriller, a great-page turner.”

Johnny Diaz, author of Boston Boys Club and Take the Lead

"Recently unemployed and perpetually single and pressured to get married by her pushy Indian family, Jaya Gupta finds herself at a crossroads. The novel sets in motion when Jaya learns about her family’s hometown in India, where they owned a plot of land that’s now an ashram in India. The plot of land was stolen from them many years ago, and, interested to learn more about the town where her family comes from, Jaya makes a bold decision to set off on a six-month trip to the ashram to learn yoga, unaware of the dangers that are lying ahead . . .

Sometimes serious, sometimes funny, Finding Warrior Pose is both a fast-paced novel à la Dan-Brown with its unexpected twists and turns, but weaved throughout you’ll find important themes: courage and self-exploration; family and social issues; redemption. Priya Doty has created a world you wouldn’t want to leave, a world filled with action, lifelike dialogues, and relatable characters. You’ll stay up all night wanting more and more and more."

Jeremy Taylor, author of the Cornerstone of Happiness

This was a gripping and galloping page-turner that had me captivated from beginning to end. I found so many brilliant nuances slyly planted by the author which revealed additional rich textures of the characters, their intertwined relationships, and their harrowing journey sublimely juxtaposed against the splendors of India. I did not want this story to end!

Debbie Chinn, author of Dancing in Their Light

Post written by Priya Doty

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